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Choose the size, style, and quantity. We’ll match your little one with the perfect PJ’s from top-shelf brands


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Opening Jam Box™ - Delivered free to your doorstep - is a real treat for kids. They just might race to bed!


Our children spend more time in pajamas than any other clothing. Jam Box was founded by a mother of triplets who knows the importance of soft, comfortable, quality pajamas that help her kids dream peacefully. All Jam Box products must pass her basic test: Would I put my kids in this?


Jam Box is built for modern parents who appreciate the ease and flexibility of having a children’s necessity delivered straight to their door, without the chore of shopping.


Cozy, adorable, with super-fun styles for every season. We’re not ashamed to admit it: We at Jam Box have a thing for pajamas. (Don’t even get us started on Holiday-themed jammies). If you agree, then our pajama box is for you!

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We offer a variety of subscription options to fit your family’s needs -- all with free shipping! Note: Each pair of pajamas live in its own Jam Box. So if you order 4 pairs, you will receive 4 boxes.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

The parents quoted in these testimonials received complementary pajamas for their children who are our children’s friends.  The pictures depict their children in the pajamas.